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Redwall wrote:

Purchased 20m thank you, it was a quick and smooth deal. Got the gold swiftly after payment.

RkLess wrote:

Got a deal done with Almonds, smooth transaction. Quick and easy, will not hesitate to deal with again.

NoMercy wrote:

Quick and effective service. Thank you for the trade.

#JDM wrote:

Vouch for this member, made a somewhat large deal smooth and easy thank you. Will do business again in the future

Swip3r wrote:

Bought over 250m from him, smooth and easy!

HackOnTheGo wrote:

OP was fast and responsive with delivery. Will deal again!

Anonymous Customer wrote:

Successfully sold 500m to this guy!

Yardstick wrote:

Quick purchase of 200m from this guy. Fast and smooth deal.

Orbsa wrote:

Just bought 300m. Fast service!

Timbit wrote:

Have purchased 500M+ - always has been quick and easy. Vouched.

Bodega wrote:

Just bought 100M off of Almonds, took less than 10 minutes from start to finish. I went first via Venmo. Definitely coming back soon!

Webmasters wrote:

Dealt with 660m RS3 from the user and they replied very quickly and professionally. Entire transaction was done quickly and pleasantly. Would happily do business again!

Vegeta wrote:

Super quick services. Took a minute for a response and got my gold within the next two. Thanks again!

Agent Shark wrote:

Purchased 50 million from user. Smooth!

Prayz wrote:

VOUCH! Bought 100M with BTC went quick and smooth

Kawaii wrote:

Easy and efficient trade, thank you very much Almonds.

Pap619 wrote:

Sold 600m i went first it was very fast and easy :)

Josimc wrote:

Just bought 100m GP for my venmo! Fast and trustworthy user right here! Would highly recommend!

Crypt wrote:

Big vouch for Almond. Very smooth deal.

Anonymous Customer wrote:

Vouch almonds staker is lucky tonight

GVNG wrote:

Quick and easy gold exchange. Bought 1b, vouch!

Pentatonix wrote:

Another vouch for Almonds. Very smooth transaction for 3B.

Hayzeh wrote:

I sold this user a small amount of OS GP and he made the transaction quick & easy!